Andrea Menard, a multi-talented Métis performer, is a true renaissance woman; she is an actor, a singer, a writer, and an ambassador, excelling in the four creative areas that make up her own personal medicine wheel. With a voice that chills your spine, she dazzles on stage and screen, bringing audiences to tears. Andrea’s voice is lyrical, raw, and reminiscent of the jazz and blues singers of the 1940's, yet she captures the depth, humour and wisdom of her ancestors.

Andrea Menard is mesmerizing in her Gemini-nominated television starring roles, The Velvet Devil, Moccasin Flats, and Rabbit Fall. She currently stars in Blackstone and Hard Rock Medical, and has released three award-winning albums: The Velvet Devil; Simple Steps; and Sparkle. Menard’s holiday tv special, called Sparkle: An Evening with Andrea Menard and Menard’s made-for-television movie, The Velvet Devil, which is adapted from her one-woman musical stage play, both earned Gemini nominations for Menard’s outstanding performance. Menard is currently in pre-production of her 4th album, Lift.

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